Strategic Messaging, Optimized Keynote,
Social Media Visiblity and Engagement and Real Impact

This is a one-of-a-kind program that will solidify credibility and impact as a thought leader. We offer this program to business leaders, professional speakers, authors, pro athletes and entertainment professionals who want massive exposure and more engagement with their audience to help generate speaking opportunities, negotiate higher speaker fees, develop endorsement opportunities and create a movement for their cause. It could take several months or even years to optimize your speaking content and build a significant speaker platform on your own. We believe there's huge value for people who are ready to break out.

Our clients receive the following:

  • Unique positioning to stand out from other speakers and leaders in their field
  • A speaker awareness campaign
  • Strategies to build buzz to negotiate higher fees and new opportunities
  • An Optimized Keynote ™, a proprietary process to refine keynotes and thought leadership for maximum exposure and engagement
  • Strategies to build relationships with event organizers
  • Key pieces of content (video and photos) that are designed and tested for social
  • Strategic content pieces tested and launched online to immediately generate thousands of fans, likes, etc.
  • Strategies to use previous content to engage followers
  • Brand equity and an expert, detailed plan for your team to implement to continue getting huge social numbers and real engagement

We’re proud to offer this unique pairing of our expertise and we're excited to bring this to influential leaders. This program accelerates platforms and it's not necessary for our clients to have everything in their business perfectly in place in order for us to help them. Engagement with your community will be the one of the key ways to help you develop the most important and marketable offerings.